Trash and Treasure

Our house is always evolving.

Paintings go up and come down at regular intervals.  Cushions rotate. Furniture rotates. It’s fun.

I thought I might share some recent finds!


A mid-century cocktail cabinet – that opens up to reveal a mirrored bar.  I love the long proportions of this.  It was a bargain and scored from here.

The Lowen SC55 was bought on ebay last year and restored by my lovely man.  Upholstery by Ellie.  Eliie is awesome.

The footstool a lucky market find!


Our Hall cabinet was another lucky market find from here.  And the mirror was from a job lot auctioned on ebay.  Damn I love that mirror.  It’s HUGE and opens up the small space between the stairs and the bathroom beautifully.  Read the story behind the Munch print here. Perhaps I forgot to mention that I stole it from a Tram.  Lets keep that to ourselves eh.


Our dining room (almost never used for dining).  Parker chairs picked up from here.  Table another find from Ellie, and the chaise is a family heirloom brought back from the UK by my grandparents.  It sat in their bar room and I remember swinging my legs on it as a kid and being told to be careful not to spill my drink.  My mum gave it to me a few years ago and we recently had it recovered.  It’s special!  Side table from here, and cushions made mostly by me.

It’s a moveable feast – all of it.  And none of it cost very much.  The nicest part of it is knowing when you find a bargain its because it hasn’t been valued, and that it was meant to come to you for oiling, and loving and long lingering looks.  So addictive the hunt!

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