I was with some friends a few months back, chatting about stuff, and one lovely said ‘nobody blogs anymore do they?’, and I thought; I do!- but it actually appears that I don’t!

It’s been several months since I was here, so that hardly counts does it…

There have been times – mostly when my smallest was youngest, that I felt a great need to put my thoughts, pictures and experiences on the web. To diarise. To make them feel real. To explore my art and journey was a luxury I have to be strategic about the days.

Life is very real with older kids.  All good, but much less time for thinking about the space between life.  The spaces are filled. There is less time for thinking, or should I say, that the thoughts are less abstract and more structured around feeding, organising, worrying, counselling and planning, than on how to get through just the day itself and sink into the studio and my own head.

But I have done quite a lot of sewing that has so effortlessly slipped into my wardrobe that it feels dishonest to talk about it.  Isn’t that strange!



Two Macey Tilton V8982 Jackets – one in Stainless Steel, the other a lightweight stretch cotton. What a great and super easy pattern!  I did put two back darts in to reduce the boxyness on my sway back, and I love, love love them.  One in leather would be killer.

More than one Scout Grainline Tiny Pocket Tank, that is possibly the best fitting shell I (I have ever known).  I’m planning on making many more of those, but have no photograph to show of my muslin.  It’s the perfect shape for a summer day work top that isn’t too boring, or revealing, while keeping you cool.  The other super great pattern that has been tried was the Deer & Doe Plaintain Tee. So well fitting it has been in regular effortless rotation and never photographed – but trust me, it’s a beauty!


We are still rescuing furniture.  This one, from a garage sale, has been sanded and reupholstered and is a joy.  It seems every time we decide that’s it – we need nothing more, something else appears and then we start all over again.  Gosh it’s fun.

The garden, however has been sadly neglected.  Coming back from Switzerland last year to a few weeks of growth was quite a shock, and I can’t seem to quite get on top of it.  Grass has sprouted between every paver, and I spent the weekend pulling them up and digging out roots that were speeding towards beds.  I fear we shall have to redo them and concrete underneath.  Which is what we should have done in the first place, I know, but…

The summer harvest came and went, and we have loads of butternut pumpkins, limes bursting off the tree (our first crop!), and herbs aplenty.  The zucchini grew,and for the most part were not harvested but fed to the chooks (oh the shame).

But we did get a carrot a few weeks back that made us laugh (insert parental advisory warning here)



Which was good for a laugh if nothing else.  Those seeds were planted 2 years ago.  This is the first we’ve seen of them.  She’s got a good sense of humour that mother nature.


2 thoughts on “Coooeee!

  1. Hello!… you’re right, we don’t seem to blog much anymore. I’ve found myself taking a trip down memory lane on my flickr stream – all of the blogland memories seem to be part of my life back then – no idea how and if it will still fit into my life these day, and it does feel a little like I’ve lost something.

    Nice to have a little peek into your goings on though, I was only thinking of you this morning, and your white floors, and lovely house.

    Anyway, just thought I’d drop by and say hello 🙂

    Jo x

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