bugs 004


Some ideas are like moths – fluttering at the brightest light they can find.  Chasing it even though it means it will break them and damage their tender wings.  Can’t be helped.  Must be done. Forget the cost.

bugs 006


Some require you to bury yourself deep.  Working away quietly until that need abates and you emerge feeling satiated and industrious and thrilled at a job well done (even if nobody else notices).  Sorry – lunch? See what you can find in the cupboard, I need to keep going here.

bugs 002


Some, by the simple fact of being YOUR idea, mean that the execution is yours alone.  From start to finish, and that’s what makes it special, and has the double gift of bringing you knowledge and bringing something unique into the world.  It’s a gift, and a responsibility, and a pleasure, and a burden.  And a JOY.  Blessed are the self-obsessed (wish I could go that deep without guilt).

bugs 005


Some ideas are incessant.  Nag, nag, nag.  You can’t quite get to them, but they are there gnawing away at you at regular intervals.  Quiet for a month, noisy for weeks, forgotten for a day, back the next twice as loud.  I have had some going on for YEARS now.

bugs 007


And then there are the bees, requiring constant industry to keep everything running smoothly, drowning out the noise of the ideas and gently draining the energy levels in keeping the hive active.  Fed.  Clean. Uncomplaining. Don’t get me wrong.  I like chanelling the bees and knowing that I am contributing to a happy home, but sometimes, I’d like to take off my striped jumper for a bit and indulge in one of my other multitudes.

bugs 001

The problem is, like so many other creative people I have multitudes.  Today I read that’s like having 35 windows open in your browser.  I think that’s certainly true some days.

As Confucius says – he who chases two rabbits, captures none.  What if you have 6 rabbits?  And a job?  And an art practice that needs attention?

How do you figure out which rabbit is going to be the best one?  How do you figure out whether any of the rabbits is worth chasing at all?  Or whether bee keeping is enough in itself?

Let me know if you figure it out eh!




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