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This gathering from the garden just does not get old for me.  It brings me such joy to be able to trot out and grab a few stalks of celery, some rocket leaves for a sandwich, a cabbage for soup or herbs on an almost daily basis.  And the chooks are laying nicely – which gives as as many eggs we need, some to give away and lovely company.

There have been cauliflowers too, which are teaching me not to be greedy.  It’s so hard to know when something is right for picking when you are growing it yourself.  Cauliflowers in the supermarket are big things – ours are a dainty 2/3 size.  I made the same mistake in summer with eggplants, which I was waiting to get to the correct size, only to see them drop off the vine and fester in the hot sun.

I lost almost all of them sadly.

The cauliflowers are growing quickly – but go from tight little florets to overblown loose shapes in a few days.  Small, big, bigger, blown,  Still perfectly edible, but a looser texture.  The chickens have had one all for themselves that just got too sparse.

Our favourite way to eat cauliflower has been roasted with some olive oil chilli salt and a liberal sprinkling of cumin.  So good.

And a new discovery – Cauliflower ‘rice’ – which is a total game-changer.

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Cauliflower ‘Rice’

 Take one head of cauliflower, cut the florets off, and cut stems into pieces.  

Grate the cauliflower using the grating disk attachment of your food processor, or by hand, or with a mouli, and then pile into a large container and microwave for 4 minutes.


I have to confess that I was unsure about this – but given a surfeit of cauliflower and a night without kids, I made a stir fry and we had it atop the ‘rice’.

Damn good.  And I reckon something that could easily be mixed into normal cooked rice to add a vegetable without anyone being any the wiser.  Because the cauliflower is slightly undercooked – the texture is similar to steamed rice, and the flavour is not overpowering.   With a sauce, or stew as a suitable distraction I honestly don’t think it would be discernible.

Low on carbs too.



3 thoughts on “Grate

  1. Love the look of the cauli ‘rice’ Michelle. I’ve only recently bought a Food Processor (don’t know how I’ve survived without one for so long), so I’m on the lookout for excuses to give it a whirl. Glad to hear your chooks are such happy layers.

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