kidwear 001

Not pink -red striped with red.  And just a tiny bit of pink for the dots.

When Miss Z was born, over 8 years ago I swore to myself that I was going to make (almost) everything for her, for the sake of sustainability and having unique things, until that became embarrassing for her.

I was expecting that would be teenager territory – not age 6.

We hit a patch there where she didn’t like what I made, didn’t know what she wanted, couldn’t even find it in the shops. What she wanted – it turns out was to dress like a lady.  She wanted grown up clothes – that they obviously don’t make for small girls.  Don’t and shouldn’t, because no girl should climb a tree in a chiffon evening gown. It’s a hazard for the climber and the dress.

That’s my opinion anyway…

We hit a terrible stalemate that lasted for years.  YEARS.  Where I would make stuff that was rejected.  Where we would go shopping to find NOTHING.  Where she wasn’t making style statements of her own or anyone else’s making, and clothing became kind of irrelevant and frustrating.  Not comfortable, not ‘her’, not fun.

Which would have been OK if that’s what she wanted, but she didn’t really.  She loves dressing up – is very keen on looking eccentric and pulled together in her own  way and wants to feel pretty.  And the shops still seem to have very little that fits, is comfortable, affordable and ticks her ‘not cutesy’ boxes.

So I’ve started sewing for her again, and we seem to have reached an agreement, now that she is taller, and the sewing patterns that seem to work best for her are ladies patterns cut to the smallest size and made with some alterations (waist, hem, shortening etc.).  She is THRILLED that she is wearing ‘ladies’ clothes, and that we can make things for her that are unique and that she can have input into.

kidwear 002

It’s so nice to make something that helps her feel more like herself and the person she wants to be.  It’s hard work being a kid and trying to find your ‘you’. And I have to say that I love that’s she’s so fabulously nutty and doesn’t want to be like everybody else.

It’s wonderful watching her grow.



One thought on “Threads

  1. She looks gorgeous. And she’s a lucky girl to have a mother who can make things… it is so hard to find the right clothes in shops, especially if your taste is not the same as the majority. I hope you have lots more happy collaborations.

    [I do kind of love the idea of climbing a tree in a chiffon evening gown. It would make for great photos… but perhaps not very safe]

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