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Life, for all of us is something we take for granted really isn’t it.  We bemoan the early risings. the lack of freedom, the responsibilities to employers, families, society.

We might not thinking about the fragility that often.  And the fact that the easy, effortless day that will be forgotten tomorrow was a blessing in its simplicity.

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Good day, bad days.  All the days.  They all have radiance…

Sometimes life throws the heaviest of weights on us as observers of someone else’s journey.  And for whatever reason (I like to think that there is some kind of cosmic patterning), there are messages wherever I look at the moment, that life is such a gift to be enjoyed, for the minutes, hours, years that we have.

The trick seems to be balancing that knowledge with a lightness capable of enjoying the moment.

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A brilliant cup of tea at the perfect temperature.

Snorting at something hilarious, and being able to enjoy that moment.

A freshly washed pillowcase – cool to the cheek and comforting in its texture and familiarity.

I have known grief.  It is a total bastard.  But there’s something to be learned from children who are sad, and in the same breath wonder what’s for dinner.

Because there are tomorrows, and todays, which should be enjoyed for the fragile moments that they are too – if we can.  And being able to take them for granted is a miracle actually.

And I think the greatest gift we can give to those who are grieving is sharing your happy heart, and the reminder in silent support (and not vanishing from their life while they are suffering), that this too shall pass, and that someone else is doing OK, and that they will again too.

Much love.  The more you give, the more it grows.  Another miracle I think.



4 thoughts on “Lightness

  1. Thank you Michelle. Not sure if my journey is the inspiration of this, but it might as well be. And indeed the light is the only cure for the dark.

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