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I have come to understand that you either are, or you arn’t a maker.  There’s a place for everyone at my table, and if you don’t make that’s OK, but it’s interesting watching them do their thing.

Makers are people who simply need to create stuff – either of their own design or following someone else’s directions, but they need to craft an object, a meal, a garment, a gathering, a page, or a photo.  They need it to breathe.  They need it to feel like they have achieved something.

Sometimes the making is easy.  Sometimes it isn’t.  Sometimes the pursuing of the difficult can make the maker into something new.  That’s my favourite.

Life has been so busy lately – full arms, full heart, full head.  I escaped to Sewjourn in the company of other makers.  Lovely ladies who were generous with their food, company and smiles.  So nice to sit and make, and watch others make.  And just be.

So nice.

gardeing-winter 003

And so nice to break back into reality the following weekend, my sewing itch thoroughly scratched and be able to keep the momentum going in the garden.

Which badly needed weeding, and fertilising, and planting.

gardeing-winter 005


I made a trellis – from the summer’s tomato Bamboo stakes.  A-frame to match the chicken house, and hopefully conducive to climbing snow peas and broad beans.

It’s deliciously wonky and makes me happy.

Our cabbages seem to have an infestation of some kind that I can’t quite kick.  The lettuce has gone completely rampant.  We still have no lemons – or limes.  I’m not quite sure what to do about the asparagus – which I understand now is the kind of crop you plant once and wait for a few years to harvest.  It’s abundant – I thought it would die back….

The rhubarb – another plant I didn’t understand would be there for more than a few years has HUGE umbrella shaped leaves which shade the silverbeet.  

But I love it.  I love the gentle weeding, getting my hands dirty, deciding a plant is on the way out and letting the chickens enjoy it.  The chickens love the silverbeet and it’s awesome watching them jump to take it from your hands. I love watching seedlings burst into new leaf and take off.  I’m loving the dampness of the earth and the dew from newly wintered mornings.  And having fresh herbs all the time.  And still having pumpkins left from months ago.

Everything is so green.

I’m loving watching the passionfruit vine creeping madly up our wire-trellis on the fence and wondering if there will be fruit next year.  

And I’m loving mother nature – queen of makers just do her thing.  It’s pure magic seeing a seed turn into a plant.  Watching the plant grow bigger.  Seeing fruit or vegetables grow and enjoying the visual feast before the actual feast. 

She’s an awesome maker that mother nature.  I like her a lot.


5 thoughts on “Makers

  1. From one fellow maker to another – YES! Love this post Michelle, and Sewjourn sounds like it was beautiful and nourishing. I’m currently making our new website, whilst simultaneously making spag bol, and dreaming about what to make the 6 year old for his birthday. So… I’m guessing that, like me, your brain never rests either?

  2. I can’t believe the amazing job you have done to the garden, it looks amazing! I have just killed 2 more passionfruits, I don’t know what I am doing with them!

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