the boy who sews

summer13 034
It’s a delayed post this one – but I wanted to record how clever this little man of mine is.
He desperately wanted to make a Link costume from “The Legend of Zelda”. We looked it up  (there are so many variations!), and he found the one he liked the most. Armed with a shopping list we hit the fabric store, and brought home 2 kinds of jersey, and some fantastic boiled wool type fabric.
He found a t-shirt he liked the fit of, and a leggings pattern, and we cut out our basic shapes.  Then, he took the overlocker for a whirl.

He’s a natural. And barring a few skewy seams that needed to be corrected, he did a great job!

The tunic, was a long rectangle, folded in half with a neck cut out, and side seams sewn on the regular machine.

The hat required measuring the diamater of head his – plus a little bit as it’s supposed to be a loose fit, then cut a long triangle and sew a seam. Nothing fancy.

Queue accessorising, and he was a very happy camper.
summer13 014
And totally, TOTALLY thrilled he had made it himself.


2 thoughts on “the boy who sews

  1. That’s fantastic! Great work by the young’un. It’s so empowering for kids to realise they can make things and not have to buy them. Perhaps he can show me how to use my overlocker?!

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