delicious blur – part 1

summer13 018

And just like that the holidays were over.

summer13 002

The cake – with marzipan and before the royal icing.  I liked it best like this…

There was Christmas.  Which we hosted.  I made Fruit Mince pies & a traditional Christmas cake with marzipan and royal icing  (first time ever) to greet the season.  It was mad, hectic, festive & fun.

We escaped.

summer13 009

To Lorne – to the house of my totally fabulous Aunty & Uncle who have been our hosts for 30 years now – in a house on Great Ocean Rd, just over the road from  the beach and 5 minutes walk from The main shopping strip.  Bliss.

summer13 007

On a wall in Lorne – Ghostpatrol?

Lorne has changed a lost since I was a teenager.  And in other ways it hasn’t.  It’s been fascinating over the years to watch the beach change shape – to watch the tourists change shape.  To watch the guests change shape.  To watch the house change shape.  I used to go to Lorne every year when I was younger.  As life got busier & commitments led me elsewhere the visits have grown less frequent.  I miss it.  It was nice to be able to spend some time there this year with my own little ones.

summer13 008

That’s a shrimp!

It was nice to go rockpooling, and watch them play in the surf. 

summer13 006

The coffee was good.  As were the bookshops and Qdos


Back with part 2 tomorrow.



2 thoughts on “delicious blur – part 1

    1. Hi Sas!
      it was so lovely. 🙂 It’s not our house, we were guests, but yes, that’s the view from our room directly looking at the beach over the road. The council chopped down a heap of trees that have always been there – so now we can see the sea right in front instead of just looking over to the main beach and the pier from the deck. The deck is a great spot to be when NYE fireworks are going off.

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