down the rabbit hole….

I followed a link someone had liked on Facebook.  Spoke to the lovely husband, who agreed it would be fun, and before I knew it…


We had marked out string-lines and had started digging


Some of us did more digging than others….

And we made these awesome frames – lined with plastic.  The frames were made of standard length treated pine sleepers, with the shorter ends being the same length, just chopped in half at the timber store.


Crikey there was some digging!

And a significant amount of levelling to allow for the slope of our block – meaning that the top 2 are on the same level, with the bottom 2 needing to be lowered quite a lot.


One of the nicest discoveries was that our soil is actually magnificent – not too sandy (we are bayside), and not too clay, but somewhere lovely in the middle.  But we didn’t have quite enough, so we ordered a square metre of ‘Fiveways’ that is perfect for planting veggies and that went right over the top as a great start, that will be built on with our own compost over the years.

And some paving was added – with pockets for flowers and ground covers.


And some prettier tomato stakes.  I hope they are strong enough!

The decision to turn over half of our backyard to a vegetable garden was an exciting one.  Not only because we love our veggies, and having fresh organic ones from our own backyard will be delicious, and perhaps save us some money once all this setup has been defrayed, but because the kids are thrilled with the idea of having a backyard ‘farm’ and can’t wait to go harvesting.  I am getting an enormous amount of pleasure just looking at it, and seeing how things have grown seemingly overnight.  In the 2 weeks since we started, we have lost a few things, but some have doubled in size, and more have been planted in the meantime.   And it is so relaxing, just enjoying the sunshine for a bit while watering, and chatting to the eggplants and tomatoes.

I am positively evangelistic at the moment – and I’m sure that will level out too, but hopefully it’s the start of a lifelong journey of nourishing the soil, and being nourished by the soil.  Watching the seasons change and embracing new crops.  Fighting off pests and possums, and embracing home even further, not just as a place to escape to,  but as an escape in itself.  This kind of gardening, is deliciously relaxing.  As will be the chickens we hope when they come…..

Let’s hope Oscar find the chickens as fascinating as he found this worm.  Nice from a distance, just not worth touching….







2 thoughts on “down the rabbit hole….

  1. so much fun… I’ve had my veggie garden for near on four years now, and though it waxes and wanes, I am still so in love with it. One of the few things that nourishes my soul and never leaves me feeling pressured or depleted… enjoy! x

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