open arms

One thing I know for sure…  It’s that you can’t hold treasure when your arms are full of trash.

And sometimes you don’t know what’s trash and what’s treasure for the amount of stuff that you might be carrying.

In the interests of making space for treasure in the form of a more workable studio space, we have been on the biggest ebay purge – which has become in it’s own peculiar way – quite addictive.  Pair of chairs – bought from a second hand shop for a couple of hundred dollars about 18 months ago sold for $21.  Large antique  table bought in the late 90’s and used as a studio table, dinner table, office table (I loved that table) – sold for $50.  Bookcase belonging to the in-laws and given to us last year when they moved interstate – so much less than its worth… I could go on.  It’s been a massacre.

But in some ways a blood-letting too.  Sometimes those things that for one reason or other you think are worth something, and you carry around for that reason, can weigh you down.  With their importance, with the responsibility, with the space they take up.  With the fact that your arms arn’t free to pick daisies.

And it’s been lovely actually to see the faces of the people who will carry them and are excited about having them in their lives.  To wonder where they are going and how these things will change in their hands.

Addictive.  absolutely.  What else don’t we need…


One thought on “open arms

  1. Good purging! Very inspiring, and very brave, Michelle. I’m trying to live by that famous William Morris quotation, but I swear everything I own is useful and/or beautiful… even the stuff packed in suitcases on top of my wardrobe…

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