ImageIt’s about this time last year that we bought our house.  Literally saw it one day, signed papers the next and then sat up in bed in our Pyjamas waiting to find out if our offer had been accepted.  Crikey that was some adrenalin I can tell you.

Since that moment, I’ve thought constantly about our studio.

Originally it was a brick garage – with a huge metal pull down door that slid back into the roof, but it had fluorescent lighting (lots of it), loads of shelving built into the walls, and some louvred windows that are perfect for airflow – so important when working with oil paints.

We moved in, and put the extra furniture that just didn’t quite fit with the house out there.  There are some boxes.  And tools.  And bikes. And a treadmill.

When we moved in we imagined that at some stage we would put some doors in there instead of the metal monolith, and had the very fortunate push to do this when the wrong sized custom-made sliding doors were delivered for our family room.  Slightly too small for that opening but serendipitously perfect for the garage.  Much more than we would have spent, but perfect… the Universe was looking after us on that day.

I have managed to paint quite successfully out there, despite the clutter, and it is a very inspiring space with great light thanks to the fabulous doors.  I keep imagining how much more inspiring it will be when it is fully a studio and less a storage cupboard.

So the past few weeks have started to see a purge of furniture on ebay – more of that to come, and a letting go of a few pieces that – while not precious, have been important to me.  There is a huge table that must go.  I’m not sure I can let that one go – but I really should for the space it will open.  I’m not a hoarder, but I find letting go of that kind of thing very hard.  The memories within it – the dreams planned, the ideas I had for it that may not yet have been executed…. I should really let someone else make their own plans.

And my plan, is that by October – the anniversary of when we moved in, there will be a clean, orderly studio – that is a joy to work in, and that is functional and functioning.

And pretty.



3 thoughts on “prep

  1. I’ll admit it. I’m just a tiny bit jealous Michelle. Home studio. *sigh*
    Well done. It sounds amazing. And good on you for purging stuff – I need to take a few lessons from you…

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