It’s absolutely amazing to me that with a bit of water and sunshine a plant can produce a wonder such as a flower.  And that a flower can turn into a fruit.

I love flowers, and go through times when I resolve to buy a bunch every week to brighten a corner.  It usually lasts 2 weeks, with the last few days of dying blooms and fetid water a sad reminder that everything passes.  Such beauty.  Overblown roses a delicious but fleeting love.  Camellias a tender delight, and gone too quickly.  Peonies – my absolute favourite, on the list for planting.

Blooms in the garden are a delight – and in our first year in this house, the garden delivers the odd beauty.  We have several camellias of different kinds – I think the one above is my favourite – a double of some kind, in the most tender and intensely gentle pink .

I think it’s the complexity of a floral form that intrigues me the most.  The depths and folds are hidden, providing a volume that is mysterious and impossible to explore – poking usually brings the whole undone, or bruises the petals so the life is shorter.

Admire from afar.

And on Pinterest – the images that grab me instantly and hold me the longest are often floral ones.  Some faves  I II, III, III.

And a beautiful floral journey here.  I do love Matisse.

Feeling the need to go paint….



2 thoughts on “Flora

  1. Beautiful writing Michelle, as always. I was looking into our garden last night, lamenting the Winter shrivelling of our boston ivy. Nice to be reminded there is colour our there, even at this time of year.

  2. Can’t think of too many things I like about winter…. beautiful winter blooms probably top the list …. followed by snow on the mountains and snuggling in bed.
    This June felt like the coldest ever…. direct flight to Spring I say….. except for a brief birthday stopover. ❤

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