long haul

Sewing machine?  check.  Fabric? check.  Patterns?  check.

Knitting machine? check.  Ribber? check.  Assorted instruction manual and thingys that have purposes unknown but might be useful?  check.  yarn?  check.

Sheets, Towels, clothes, toothbrush? check.

One meal of Butter chicken, rice & too hot to be consumed Dhal for self + 8 mates?  check.

Crazy doll in deed of repair?  check.

Make beds, write instructions for what to do with marinating evening meal, pack bags, wrap presents (for child’s party  sleepover), tidy house, feed and cuddle cat.

And off to craft camp.

Drive 5 blocks and stop for pie to be consumed in car en-route in torrential rain.

Make and alter several dresses for new ‘try not to wear black’ resolve.

Happy with this one.  Love the fabric and the belt buckle which is part of a collection passed on.

I must blog about that soon it’s a long time coming.

Tunic (made many times before and still an absolute wardrobe staple), this time with  with front embroidered panel, and crocheted underskirt.  I think I might need to fix the side pockets in some way – they are adding an unwanted fullness through not sitting flat.  LOVE this though.

Another dress (I won’t bore you with them all).  I think I have perfected my dress pattern.  Less fullness in the skirt, shaped bodice, belt an imperative.  This was the first dress from my drafted pattern and it is too big and a bit too long – more amendments to pattern needed.  Pockets must come off.  Great fabric though….

And a jacket.  Lordy – that jacket took some fiddling, and in the end is unlined and overlocked – all edges.  It’s based on something seen on pinterest and from a pattern that had 30 pieces – of which I used 5 I think….  It’s more of a template for a second attempt, but in the meantime it’s a good layer to wear on the long drives to work and was fun in the journey.  I’d like another in boiled wool and lined, but it was great to attempt something like this with other eyes and expert knowledge and suggestions.

There were other garments – some finished.  Some abandoned…..

And the very exciting foray into the next stage of Machine knitting for me – being able to use the Ribber.  Unspeakably simple actually – but I needed to have the lovely Suzie just demonstrate it for all the instructions to fall into place.  It works.  I am excited.

In between, much laughing,  admiration of other’s fine work, and so, so much good food.  I think even toast made by anyone else tastes better, but the food this weekend was sensational.

And then, pack.  Drive, and return to the fold for Lancefield Bakery Vanilla Slice and present distribution, leftovers by the fire and a long exhale.

Crazy, fruitful, blissful and as always inspiring.  Too much fun. 🙂


8 thoughts on “long haul

  1. Love it all – but that tunic is screaming at me. Any tips on where it originated or is it your own creation?
    I can’t begin to express how much I missed the weekend-keeping up with the occassional tweets made me green with envy.

    1. Jodie! Missed you! Any chance you will be there in November? Pattern is Kwiksew 3795 – it looks much better sewn up than the pattern cover would have you believe though – made this maybe 6 times? VERY easy and easy to wear. xx

  2. wow! you made so much! the dresses are just lovely, and i will take note of the tunic pattern. sounds like another amazing weekend!

  3. Wow Michelle. I’ll bet there aren’t enough days in the week to wear all your creations. They’re gorgeous. Very impressed you made a coat. Looking forward to hearing about your adventures with the RIBBER. That word definitely needs caps. Sounds very sci-fi, in a Woody Allen 60s kind of way.

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