Tiny free-form stitches – layered and layered on the front of a garment to be constructed next week at craft camp.

I have a box full of these little embroideries.  Modern boro that has been started and not finished.  A constructed skirt that was started but put to one side as the denim is too unyeilding. A larger piece that was coming along beautifully until life got in the way and I somewhow can’t catch the muse that inspired the beginning.   They will all be finished one day – and there is beauty in that as well – a nod to the origins of Boro that came from mending, an appreciation of wabi-sabi, and the evolutionary nature of this kind of art form.

A recent inspiration came from Annekata, and her link to Junko Oki’s work, which had me pick up the needle again and sit by the fire on a cold weekend, in the company of Oscar who was more than happy to chill out and relax with me.

Match made in heaven really.  A warm fire, a relaxed cat and an armful of threads.  Will post the finished garment when it’s done.


2 thoughts on “exhale

  1. Hi, love your embroidery and can’t wait to see when it’s finished; or I should say, how it progresses. In Junko Oki’s book she shows how her embroidery “grows” on one of her bags and I love that. I’ll be stitching a bit later tonight when it cools down a bit. It was a hot summery Sunday here in the US up north! Also find your painting absolutely beautiful! So glad I found your blog.

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