row and row and row

It’s a funny thing being kicked.

Sometimes it can be an active thing – where someone has perhaps through no ill intent left you with a bruise.  Sometimes it’s not active – it’s a kick through stagnation – an internal kick that leaves a different kind of bruise and you know that you should have paid more attention to your own life.  And sometimes it’s a kick so well lined up it can leave you wondering what happened for that to occur – was it your fault – was it someone elses – was it just the timing…

I’ve had a variety of kicks lately and though upbeat in the knowledge that all kicks push you in the direction you should be going I am finding myself a little sore and in need of some comforting renewal.

It’s coming in the form of Stephanie Japel’s Shapely boyfriend Cardigan.  Link to the free pattern HERE.  Knitted in a very soft Alpaca blend in rows and rows of stripes – my favourite way of knitting.

I find knitting stripes incredibly soothing – particularly when they are random and not repeated, which is easiest to do in a top-down garment.  I have no idea how it will turn out – and my last cardigan – though carefully measured and in expensive solid coloured yarn was knitted entirely twice and still looked like a horrible accident.

I’m hoping this one will turn out better – but even if it doesn’t it’s rewarding in the process and useful to just take the time to sit quietly and think about which direction to point my oars and row as I’m knitting row on row on row.

Row on.


One thought on “row and row and row

  1. Love the sound of ‘shapely boyfriend’, and look forward to seeing how it turns out. The colours are gorgeous. You’ve inspired me to perhaps take up knitting again. My 7-year old is learning to knit at school – I’m having to dig deep into the recesses of my ancient brain to try to remember how to do it, so I can help him. Hope there are no more kicks this week Michelle, metaphorical or otherwise.

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