Yesterday morning I was running late – left my coffee on the bench in the rush to get out the door, get the kids to school, start the trek through traffic and over the bridge to work.  And, stuck in traffic I saw an old haunt – The Wall, just off Carlisle Street in Balaclava.

Great coffee, a lovely 5 minutes in the sunshine waiting for it.  And I thought – life should be more of this.  A bit more slow, a bit less crazy.  A bit more time to enjoy how good life is.  I wonder if it’s possible or if I’m being greedy, but I guess that’s the journey isn’t it – to see what works for your own best life…


3 thoughts on “Bricks

  1. You should turn from the dark side and become an artists full time….I do this 24/7… haha…. is there anything better than sitting in the sunshine on an Autumn day and enjoying a coffee or glass of wine….

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