Friday Night Feasts

Keema Mattar + Chapati cooked by Mr 11.

As I kid I loved to cook.  My forays were mostly biscuits & cakes – with a Saturday afternoon solo baking session a regular thing as a teen.  I’m certain my motivation at first would have been the opportunity to eat raw biscuit dough or lick the bowl without interference but as time went on it was the thrill of looking up a recipe – trotting out to get anything lacking from the local milk bar, and then attempting to make chocolate eclairs, neenish tarts or some other old-fashioned treat and enjoying it and the praise that came with serving it up.

In the interests of hopefully one day being able to kick back with a glass on wine while dinner is being made for me child-empowerment, we have in the last few months been enjoying a Friday kids meal night – where the kids cook dinner (with assistance at this point).  We discuss the possibilities in the car on the way to school – shop for whatever else is needed on the way home from school and then Miss 7 cooks dessert (spectacular cakes for the last 2 weeks – assemblages often involving ice-cream previous weeks), and Mr 11 cooks a main.

They both love the opportunity to learn something new, help, be involved in the choices for the family and try new things.  Some weeks we have had visitors staying so the thrill has been doubled for them.

Mr 11 making Chapati

But last week was a highlight, with Keema Mattar (an Indian spiced mince dish) and Home made Chapati (an Indian flatbread) both whipped up by Mr 11 following a recipe by the very talented Sas of 1=2.  Recipe here.  We cooked a half quantity of the Keema Mattar in the knowledge that there might be some leftovers to play with the following day – and servings were generous, incredibly tasty and very, very easy.  Miss 7 who has been picky of late scoffed the lot and asked for some for lunch the next day.

I have to say a huge thanks to Sas for the recipe and indeed sharing her blog 1=2 with the world.  I think it’s a brilliant concept she’s come up with – Healthy tasty recipes, that are family & budget friendly and brilliantly often double-quantity, the idea being that the leftovers are set aside as the base of another different recipe.  Skip on over and have a look.  The Keema Mattar we made was supposed to turn into samosas – which is why I made it in the first place but it didn’t get that far – we ate the lot as it was!

This blog NEEDS to be a book – I have a towering stack of black and white printouts that have been tried or are standing by – it would be so much nicer to have them in a hardback….

And then we had carrot cake – and I’m sorry to say there are no photos…  It was very good too.

4 thoughts on “Friday Night Feasts

  1. Michelle, this is the best post I have read in a long time : )
    Thanks so so much. Very exciting – my first pingback! So beautifully written, as your posts always are. Your photos are gorgeous too.

  2. that’s a great idea getting the kids to cook, can’t wait until mine are old enough! and that meal looks pretty yum, í was eyeing off that recipe too.

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