And the rain came down

The Window Seat.  Oil on board.

Yesterday saw us retreat to the studio for a long day session.  Ipod blaring, doors wide open (must post a studio shot someday soon), and a brief visit from the smallest family member – who enjoyed exploring spider-webbed corners and briefly settled on a rug on the floor.

And then the rain came down.  Buckets of it – pelting the tin roof in deafening bursts and dripping on the floor, showing us there is a leak in the roof – we didn’t know we had.  It HAILED.  It was brutal and thrilling and thoroughly fun.

I LOVE rain.  And it was like having our very own grown-up cubby, which I suppose it is.

I painted solidly all afternoon.  Pushing through a total painting crisis (Carona & cake needed) to make 2 good works and reminding myself of the most valuable advice I ever received about making art – That a bad painting is a wonderful gift – the opportunity to push the work in a totally new direction and make something unexpected- nothing ventured nothing gained.

I love drawing – but rarely use it with my art – mostly keeping it as a quiet and personal journey, but recently I’ve been revisiting scratching into paint and enjoying the process immensely.  One of those drawn/painted works (above) will be making its way to the annual Canterbury Art show – a show that I’m very sentimental about.  Drop off for the show is next weekend, and it’s open 4-6 May.  I love that all works are available to view online, which is a fun journey in itself without leaving your chair.

Will let you know when it’s up!


2 thoughts on “And the rain came down

  1. best of luck with the show. I emailed them some time back, but never heard back. Why is it that people don’t respond these days? I love this new direction of yours. It seems your new surroundings are pushing some boundaries for you. well done.

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