the problem with tuck is that it’s spelt wrong….

See that red thing around my neck?  I’m making them like mad – all different colours – on the knitting machine.  Nothing fancy – but very flexible and able to be worn a number of different ways – that extrmely bright, almost-orange red thing has become an constant accessory for me in the last few weeks of cold mornings and sunny days and I get quite a thrill about having designed and made it myself.

I’ll post more on that another time, but need to post this knitting machine win first…

Arn’t I a natural!  check the clenched fist, fixed smile and slightly panicked look about the eyes.

I recenly attended a workshop run by Brianna Reed with the usual mob of machine-craftsters.  It’s so brilliant to be on the journey of discovery with these ladies.  We swear at our machines and admire each other’s efforts.  We eat good food and stop for a chat and go home EXHAUSTED.

The back view – great tunic – not sure about the model….. though to be fair I had been wearing it for hours by then and enjoying it’s coziness and the colour.

I LOVE this design – which is a fitted tunic in Tuck stitch, though when I make another it will be a bit larger.  It was made all in one piece, with genius contrasting short-rows at the back for a bit of flare and better fit and a couple of rows of slip obn the front to add a great vertical line-detail.

This is what Tuck stitch looks like – and to get it right on my machine involved an insanely small tension and discovery after discovery on the fickle nature of a knitting machine.  HONESTLY – everything can be set up perfectly and from one second to the next it’s a totally different story.  Tuck stitch is lovely – interesting, dense and stretchy, and spelt wrong – there should be an F in there somewhere for the grief it caused…..

Oh the rows I undid…… 2 minutes to knit, 2 hours to unpick.  I cam close to despair.

I will ABSOLUTELY be attempting another one – the shoulder shaping and simple shape lends itself to so many variations and such wardobe flexibility, though there may be a glass of wine involved to ease my own tensions at tackling it solo…

In any case, another one is needed as Oscar seems to have claimed this one as his own.


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