Soul deep and everlasting, 50cm x 50cm, oil on board, 2012

Final touches, varnishing, screwing in D rings and writing an artist statement.

So much easier to screw these things in with a drill – I always did it by hand before.  What was I THINKING!

The Guardians, 92cm x 92cm, oil on linen, 2012

Agonising over if it all works together.  Working on a new website – will let you know when it’s done.

Silent passing, 50cm x 50cm, oil on board, 2012

Feeling freer working than I have in years and being able to just relax and enjoy it instead of having a tension headache for weeks in advance and worrying if people will think it’s no good.

There’s gold in the fountain of life, 50cm x 50cm, oil on board, 2012

Delivering works to 775 for this exhibition which opens this weekend!!!!!!

Not all works are up on the 775 website soon, but they will be.

And a well-deserved hot chocolate and amazing rasberry and dark chocolate brownie before….. the drive.

An agonising ALL DAY DRIVE to and from Flinders (should have been an hour each way) – because of the bastards in charge of traffic control.  WHO in their right mind I ask you, would close off the road from Frankston to Melbourne for roadworks on the same day an Iron man event was being staged on Beach rd.  A situation that meant it was IMPOSSIBLE to easily get back to Melbourne.  Thank God for the GPS.  We snaked through back streets and alleys, turned up and down endless courts and dead-ends and got home snakey and frustrated by the amount of time and idling needed to move forward metres.  It was like someone drew a finger through a line of ants – there were no detours marked – just a ‘find alt route’ sign, and everyone was lost….

775 is a lovely gallery in Flinders – a beautiful part of the Mornington Peninsula.  Close to the Ashcombe Maze and full of great cafes and wineries.  Well worth the drive in the Easter Holidays if you feel like seeing rolling hills and having a frolic on the sand.  I could so live there one day……..


2 thoughts on “delivered

  1. You are so cruel posting that last photo…
    Some of us may have given up chocolate for lent… grrr

    Very best wishes for the exhibition

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