So the kitchen was finished, and we waited for the splashback.

We had looked at the samples and thought the natural glass was nicer than the white glass.  We had discussed colours and thought – considering the kitchen is 2 tone, it was better to stick with something that was more subtle, but when it went in – it wasn’t subtle.

And the splashback arrived and I thought –  Erk!  It’s green!!!!

Not just a slight tint, but a full on ice-blue green.  I’d forgotten what happens in corners – where light plays strange tricks and intensifies colour in shadows – me the colour nut – who analyses shadows to inform my painting – forgot that.

It was a shock to me – though it must be said that Daniel instantly loved it.  I really felt something was needed to tie it all together….

Luckily we had ordered a red blind a few months ago to brighten our previously bland kitchen and to echo our red stools and red toaster.  When I ordered it the sales-bloke told me he had never done one in red.  ‘Are you sure?’ – he asked.  And we went back and forth a few times with him saying it was a brave choice and me cheerfully confirming that was why it was going to be so good.

And I worried after the ordering that it might perhaps have been a bad choice.  And it arrived and went up, and we both went.  Um – maybe white would have been better…..

So it went into a cupboard and I slapped myself on the forehead for being not considered enough.  It’s hard to be brave and considered – you never know what anything is going to look like on a grand scale until it’s in, which is why most people are so conservative I guess.

It was a thrill then, to discover that the ‘too red’ blind was a perfect tie in for the kitchen.  It does – I feel make it, and bring it all together in the most unexpected way.  The red, plays nicely with the ice-blue green and adds a warmth to the cold colour scheme that was lacking.

When the room is lit up at night it looks warm and inviting – it’s a beautiful space to work in, and we are so very happy with the look and feel of it, and the way it all works together.  It’s so nice to be home and it gets more like home every day.

Hard to believe we’ve only been in for 5 months….


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