Bridging time and space. 2012.  50cm x 50cm oil on board

With only a few weeks before I need to deliver works for my show, I’m painting like mad.  On nights, and weekends……

Reflecting on the good brings double happiness.  2012.  50cm x 50cm.  Oil on Board.

When I’m not actually painting, painting is in my head constantly, and I’d almost forgotten how exhausting that is.  Constantly looking at everything and analysing what it is about that vista that is singing to you.  What it is at the very core and essence that is the special thing to capture.  What is it that the soul needs to hold dear.

Waterlily Twilight.  21012, 50cm x 50cm oil on board.

I am (for the most part) using reference photos, but not in the traditional sense.  While the photo itself is the key to the painting, the shapes might not be recognisable.  What was the shadow of a tree cast onto the water has become a focus point of its own – a window to the depths rather than a mirror of a height.  It’s a bit of fun that – and a delicious mental twist on looking and translating what one sees.


We build paper boats.  2012.  95cm x 95cm oil on linen.

Anyone can make a mark – but it’s what we see, how we see it and what we communicate about what we see that makes a work interesting in my view.  That’s what I find so fascinating about kids art and why I find it so sad when they start making expected marks and shapes instead of their view of it.

The observation deck.  2012, 100cm x 120cm oil on linen.

I’m looking at everything at the moment – capturing moments, and exploring the shapes within those moments.  Expanding a second into hours.

I’d like some more hours….




3 thoughts on “sweep

  1. I agree with your comment about painting being in your head constantly and how that is exhausting.
    Nice paintings!

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