Body building

Parked, 90cm x 90cm, oil on linen.  2012

I’d like to say that the studio is all tidy – with enough space to lay works out, contemplate, breathe freely, invite company and sit and think, but it isn’t.

What it is though – is fertile.

Only so deep, 30cm x 30cm, oil on board, 2012

It’s impossible to predict how a space will affect you – the most well laid out studio, with plenty of light and air and a big fat lock on the door, can prove totally uninspiring.  For some reason, I need distance from loved ones, but to feel connected.  I need a bit of discomfort, a bit of muddle and tinny music (not grand acoustics) to make my soul travel.

We have painted the outside, but not the inside.  Indeed the space is still filled with furniture that we have to get rid of, boxes that need to be sorted, bikes that need a home, and a good fumigation because there’s evidence of spiders galore tucked away.  They are doing their bit I know, but I’m not sure I want a huntsman crawling up my leg when I’m doing some fine work and in the zone.  I would like the spiders gone.

The rushes 1, 2012

30cm x 30cm Oil on board.

The adrenalin is flowing.  I have weeks to prepare for the show at 775, and ideas bumping around my head day and night.  I’m getting out there as much as I can and enjoying the heady fumes, fresh air and stairs up to the house for a cool drink of water.

The rushes 2, 2012

90cm x 90cm, oil on linen

For some bizarre reason, there is a muse in the mess.  A vein of inspiration and the freedom to make and leave it set up for the next session.  A freedom I haven’t had for a few years now.  I finally have that feeling back that I need to paint.  Not should, or might enjoy it – NEED.  Powerfully need.   So loving that!

And the secondary theme that works for me for this body of work – a push over to more abstractive works.  There will be a balance between literal and abstraction, with a lot of patterning and more vibrant colours.  I’m thinking they will be hung side by side as a kind of window into each other.

I think it works.  Hope you do too.


7 thoughts on “Body building

  1. PS…if you ever want to do a group show I’d love to exhibit with you. I know the logistics of that might seem a little crazy, but just thought I’d put it out there. 2012 is my year to be confident and participating in more.

  2. LOVE Parked and – my favourite – the Rushes 2. They’re lovely and gestural and free, and the colours are like a fresh orchid. Sorry, pretty lame art critique! They’re beautiful though. Keep creating Michelle…

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