Shout it out.

We got married!

Last Saturday; we dressed up, threw some flowers together, scoffed breakfast, piled into the car, drove into the city and pronounced our commitment to each other in front of the kids, our lovely photographer and a construction worker off the street who was kind enough to be our witness.


We didn’t want any nerves, anxiety about other people’s expectations,  worrying about everything going smoothly, or public declarations – followed by hours of congratulations and food that you can’t quite get to for chatting to loved ones and dear friends.  Or speeches.  We didn’t want the emotional exhaustion that follows and can take the shine off what it’s all about.

*A cake with a story

We wanted to quietly escape as a family, and bind ourselves thoroughly in a quiet, meaningful and funny ceremony that would be special for the kids as well as us, and leave us to go forth into our lives freely from there.

We got married in a ceremony that was minutes long, with Fabienne Delsol in the background.  We mixed up our vows.  We did the wrong things with the rings.  We laughed and exchanged funny glances with the kids – who were grinning harder than I have ever seen them.  It was better than Christmas, or birthdays, or anything.

Afterwards we went out for brunch at the cafe we always go to – and kept our secret, and went out for a quiet dinner – just my husband and me for french food.

It was perfect – and funny and uplifting.  Just like our relationship, and it has been quite overwhelming to see how happy people have been for us.  A lovely way to go forward together!

I have to say, from the bottom of my heart – I am so lucky to have met (and married) this man.  He is deeply caring, sensitive and so creative.  He is so smart.  So funny, and has such integrity.  He is absolutely my soulmate.  He is absolutely my best friend and is the most amazing parent – endlessly entertaining, insightful and committed with every fibre of his body.  He is a rock.   He’s also pretty handsome, can undo a stuck jar with ease and reach high things without a ladder.  He smells nice.  And, he makes me feel like I’m pretty fabulous on a daily basis.  I am impossibly happy and am steadily building up wrinkles from smiling so much.  I never thought I could ever be so happy. 🙂

Enough sugar for you?  Happy Valentines day my love – you are pure sunshine. xx


* We were having our floor sanded – and the day that most of the work was going to need to happen was on Saturday – our wedding day.  I’m sure my face fell when the lovely sander told me that, and I confessed – that I’d told nobody, but we were secretly running off to elope on that day.  He joked that his wife was a cake-maker and they’d make us a cake.  And she did!  I think it’s the best cake I’ve ever tasted – Bailey’s soaked chocolate cake with a Lindt chocolate ganache – given with extraordinary kindness and being thoroughly enjoyed.  Thank you so much Lisa, Clint and family.  🙂


13 thoughts on “Shout it out.

  1. this brings a little tear to my eye. seriously. having done something similar, I get this. And my mum and step dad were married in Olinda when I was 11 by a lady named Belinda…it was all jokes.

    Just beautiful Michelle. Just proves that you don’t need all that ceremonial stuff to be in love.

    btw, that construction man’s shirt tops the cake.

  2. Fabulous news, congratulations to you both.
    I love the way you don’t skate along the surface of life like so many do, you jump in deep.
    All the very best for your future together, X

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