the secret to happiness

The secret to happiness is, I suspect, just learning to roll with it – whatever it is.

Our crop of tomatoes has been seriously underwhelming.  But when they come – these little ones – they are the sweetest treasure – savoured, not gobbled and the sweeter for their rarity.  Makes you look at them in a whole different light.

We have an arid spot down the side of the house – dry and hot.  I planted Thyme – which we cook with a lot, and it’s doing sensationally well.

An ebay purchase – in anticipation of moving in and enjoying dinners under the shady tree.  I don’t think we’ve managed a full meal out there yet – but it gives us pleasure just looking at it.

A Gingko tree – planted a few weeks ago and having trouble settling in.  Perhaps I’ve planted it too out in the open?  I’m feeding it like crazy.  I think it’s going to get there  It’s lovely helping it and seeing some recovery going on.  When it gets big, the sense of achievement will be triple-fold I’m sure.

The studio – still waiting for finishing touches and to be emptied – but I’ve done some brush wielding in there and I know it’s going to be sensational.  🙂

And the floor.

Trying to see the happy in this floor……

The extension to our house which comprises an open-plan kitchen and family room was covered with ironbark ‘floating’ flooring. Only it wasn’t floating.  And when we tried to take some of it up it shattered and splintered – holding fast to the adhesive that gripped it tight.  There are secret nails.  There is a giant mess in one section.

There will be an expert coming today to tackle the job.  And we had planned he would take it all up – the entire thing, but after a discussion with a neighbour who has helped on most of the work in our house, it seems that there is at least half of the floor – and probably some patching that would be structure-board (a type of very strong flooring chipboard), which will be in large flat patches, and not be consistent.  Sigh.  There may even be holes…. Crikey.

So we think we’ll be getting our floor man to take up the front half of the house – to make it all beautiful.  And ask him to sand the back ready for painting, and paint it all a uniform white. Which will be Ok I suppose – not the original plan, but then the best houses are slightly kooky in some way or other right?  Wabi Sabi.  Right?

Wabi Sabi is the way to happy.  It is.  I really think it is – the patina, the act of rolling with whatever comes, making it good, or finding the happy in the chip and it’s repair.

And on we roll……


2 thoughts on “the secret to happiness

  1. I’m right there with you at the moment. Floors, walls, ceilings- they’re all changing by the day ; ) good luck with it all.

    And i love that table and chair setting!! Super cute.


  2. Oh floors, my sympathies. We have lingering not-so-floating floor issues here too. And a poor tomato crop that the rats persist in raiding.
    You are right- roll with the punches…
    I’m sure that studio is going to be WONDERFUL!

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