It’s evolving – this space of ours.  Some rooms have been more of a challenge than others. In progress –  things have moved in/moved out – been considered and worried over.  Floor plans fiddled with, lights installed.

It’s fun.

This is how our front room looked when we bought it.

I don’t know if you can see that fireplace well enough in the middle of the room.  With everything lit up the room can make your eyes water – 2 sets of downlights plus a central light with 3 globes made a room that was probably excellent for jigsaw puzzles but not so relaxing for weary eyes.  How superb was that lounge suite though – it was a wedding gift and the owners didn’t want to part with it.  Fair enough – I wouldn’t have either.
We have discovered buttery cream can be irritating to live with.  And we don’t like carpet much – it holds every smell.  Also, the fireplace had an elaborate pine mantle that wasn’t to our taste.  Bare – it’s a challenging room that looks out to a front car-port, not such a lovely view and the windows are aluminium.  *sigh*.
First off, we installed a full-wall bookshelf – floor to ceiling – and we couldn’t have been happier than that.  It’s so relaxing to know that we actually have space for more books than we have – and we can collect guilt-free for a while yet. 🙂
Then we painted hacked off most of the mantle decoration (architrave we suspect) that hung underneath the mantle – it was stuck on with liquid nails, so there was much chiseling and crowbar wielding, mallet swinging and a bit of swearing.  We also removed some pine that flanked the fireplace – and realised when that was off that there was a huge cavity behind the wall – lordy.    The cavity was filled with some amazing foam in a can that was sticky and puffy and able to be cut afterwards to a fairly flat surface – just don’t look too close if you come over eh…
The fireplace was painted – and so were the walls.
And we were pretty much happy with ourselves but not happy with the floor – the main problem being that there is a river of “floating floorboards” that runs through the hall and out to the back.  They are shiny and quite a lovely colour but in need of a sand-back and re-polish, there are areas that are peeling, and we knew that there were probably some fairly decent boards under there that were hiding.
We wondered whether to repair and do floating floorboards in the other downstairs areas?  Rip up the carpeted areas and polish the boards, or replace the carpet.
Or… paint the boards white.
The Carpet – circa 1978 – mysterious large  stain in centre right.
Floorboards – beautiful boards in need of some attention – a fair smattering of staples and a dark cherry stain on the edges which was worn at the entry.  They would have come up well polished – but that’s beyond our current budget.
First coat – hearts in mouths I tell you – it’s one thing to see it in a photo – another to actually do it to some beautiful floorboards yourself.
Last little window
Finished – the view from the doorway.
We still have to hang paintings and will move things around but I have to say – having a white room is a fantastic thing – it’s so calm and peaceful and we have all been drawn in to just sit and enjoy the space when it’s quiet – and to put a record on and make it not so.
There will be more white rooms to come – we are hooked.

9 thoughts on “white

  1. I love it. A really lovely job- and the floor looks fantastic! We’re just about to put in our new kitchen and bathroom and are going to either lime or paint the boards… lovely to see how things are coming along for you and a timely reminder of why we are camping in our house with no loo or shower ; )


  2. gotta love white, most of my current house is white or antique white…

    Have just been re-painting my old (working) open fireplace a stone colour, as the soot and smoke badly discoloured the white over last winter.

    I think you are so brave with the floorboard treatment, but it looks like the risk paid off.


  3. Looks absolutely fab Michelle! Congrats. The floors look beautiful. Hey, that foam in the wall cavities just may have been put there by a pest exterminator to get rid of Borrowers…

  4. Isn’t it wonderful to do what you like to your own place!

    We’ve been pottering around today in our own home, taking plants out of the garden and pondering what should go in in their place.

    We’re planting out our Christmas tree this year, because it’s outgrown the pot (and the ceiling by next year, most likely) and because we’ll be staying, so we’ll be able to put outdoor lights in it next year; the kids can’t wait.

    WHERE did you find the bookshelves? They’re exactly what I’ve imagined having now that we’re settled!

  5. could you please give me a run down on the procedure of painting the floor boards. did it need to be sanded right back to bear wood? type of prefered paint and did you apply a clear top coat .. thank you, greatly appreciated..

    1. Hi Homer,
      We had two types of flooring in our house. The rooms that had raw baltic pine were not sanded – we just removed the nails, hand-sanded areas that needed some smoothing and went over with 3 coats of white enamel paint. The other floors had badly applied varnish that was peeling off, so they were professionally sanded to the raw wood, and then we painted over that with 3 coats of paving paint. The paving paint feels quite different underfoot to the enamel, and has worn better, but it also gets dirty really quickly because it has a slightly rubberised quality to it. A year on, and we love the white but find it VERY high maintenance & we are considering sanding back everything and doing a light limewash instead., Hope that helps. Michelle,.

  6. thank you for that Michelle… today I did one room in white to see for my self, it was way to white for my liking and the fact that you mentioned high maintance made me think. so I went back to my supplier and he recomended I do a top clear coat for easy keep so then I thought while I’m here I mind as well get some brown varnish to slightly darken the clear, I mixed the two at a ratio of 1 part brown to 10 parts clear and applied very light coats with a mini roller over the white and behold to my suprise it came out looking almost like wood grain, I would have never thought or imagined it. I love it, I wish I could post a pic so as to give you an idea of what you to may want to try as opposed to redoing your floors from scratch. I’ll be doing the whole house with my new discovery.

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