Melbourne weather isn’t known for it’s constancy.  Cold mornings, sunny afternoons, rainy nights (re-arrange ad infinitum).  So the lead-up to summer should have been nothing surprising, but you know, one never quite gets used to it.

Last week the rain held off just long enough for me to get to school collection – dry and optimistic enough to leave the umbrella in the car.  We all got SOAKED on the way back, had showers and lit the fire – the first time for the kids.

We left the lights off, toasted marshmallows and pieces of bread over the fire in the library, drank hot chocolate and dreamed what it must be like to experience a snowy Christmas and be doing this every night on the other side of the world.

We listened to records while a roast cooked in the oven and chatted and relaxed.

Interestingly Mr 10 enjoyed just sitting, watching the fire and appreciating how relaxed he felt – I think that might actually have been a ‘lightbulb’ moment for him.  As time is often filled in with frenzied activity of some kind or other around here – building, drawing, gaming, or conversations of a deep and meaningful nature.

There have been hot days too – the kind that got me remembering the toll those hot days take on a fresh Christmas tree.  We are the kind of people who start looking forward to Christmas from April on, so December 1st is the day a fresh tree goes up.  This means by Christmas day it is looking much the worse for wear – brittle, despite watering, pine-needles all over presents – despite endless vacuuming, pine needles all through the car – because we must choose it ourselves.  Oh but the smell……..

So, on Jo’s recommendation, we bought a fake one.  A very good fake one, and have been decorating it in fits and spurts for the last few nights.

The kids are hoping for a chilly Christmas so we can light the fire on Christmas Eve – which sounds heavenly to me!


One thought on “cosy

  1. This unseasonal weather isn’t exclusive to Melbourne, we in Sydney have had the coldest start to December in more than 30 years…. although I couldn’t imagine getting the fire going..
    Kind of romantic though (-:

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