lines of stitching

(black  slubby denim with Ikea fabric inserts)

I don’t get much time for sewing at home.  It will come I’m sure, but right now there’s not much time, so things like cushions – though important – have been pushed aside for more important things – like drinking a cup of tea and looking out the window at the lovely trees in the backyard.

I like.

They were on my ‘to do’ list for craft and camp, and I managed to whip out 6 in a late night frenzy.

Fabrics by Cloth, and Aunty Cookie

Craft camp was fantastic – so much inspiration, plenty of giggles and great food.  Suzie went home ill, and you’ve never seen a sadder bunch as her car drove off – it really felt like we were being unfaithful without her there, but sometimes you just need to lie down eh.

I made some dresses too:

excuse the bad pics – I couldn’t get the self-timer working. Oh the drama!

Black version has a tie coming from the waist and tied at the back.  Yellow version has very, very long ties (wraps around twice) and belt loops, blue version has a long belt attached at one side and tying completely around the waist.

All (obviously) from the same pattern first found here.  It’s out of print but I managed to find one from a vintage pattern reseller.  Amazingly Kate on the other side of the coast made one in the same week.  Her pattern is a current one if you are wanting to whip one up yourself.  My pattern had no facings and I left off the zip because it was easy enough to pull over my head and I’m lazy like that.

I also made some denim skirts.  Someone asked me why i was making two.  Honestly, I don’t think you can have enough denim skirts.

This version on the left has yellow bias binding on the waist and hem, and inset pockets with yellow lining and contrast stitching.  The one on the right is a straight A-line with a cloth fabric panel.

I had fun with the details.

The best thing about craft camp is always the company though, and it was such a pleasure to spend quality time with Suzie, Kirsten, Ellen, Maria, Jules, Suzy, and Jo.  There were quilts, ballerina topped pencils, inspiring threads, and yarn dying.  There was incredible food, late  nights and a LOT of rain.  I ate chocolate on toast for breakfast.  Good thing every weekend  isn’t like that or I’d die in a year.  Too fun.  too lovely.

Thanks ladies. 🙂





5 thoughts on “lines of stitching

  1. Great work Michelle! I agree about the skipping zips – really rather dresses without them if a bit of pulling and tugging makes them redundant! And rocking the yellow with both dress and skirt. Sigh.

  2. Wow- beautiful work Michelle! Some beautiful fabrics and very useful pieces. Love your yellow clogs too! Glad you had such a satisfying weekend (even without Suzie) and looking forward to catching up with you on a similar weekend next year some time!

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