fabric washed and drying, hopefully to be made into something wonderful.

In just a few sleeps I’ll be at craft camp.  No offence to my wonderful life-mates at home, but I really can’t wait to sneak off and start up my sewing machine.  I need want  some new clothes and am craving the fun of making them myself.

The last craft camp was badly timed for me.  There was the auction of my former house on the first morning away – which required a trip back to Melbourne – and a poor night’s sleep the night before.  The auction was hellish, so stressful – and the house didn’t sell (it’s well and truly sold now), which made for an emotional rollercoaster of allsorts for weeks afterwards and a bit too much time quietly fretting and reminding myself that things always work out somehow.  I made some things, and completed a jumper on the knitting machine but left feeling unsatiated in some way.  I needed more, and the flow had been invaded.

This time will be better.

The thing I love about craft camp is the opportunity to be quietly removed from everyday responsibility, keep going on a project for as long as it takes and laugh ones head off at regular intervals.  The food is always good too – and it’s such a treat to walk from the studio to a table, have a break and a chat and then get back into it rejuvenated.

You throw your thread and scraps on the floor, go for a wander if you feel like it and get to pore over other people’s inspiring projects and books, meet new people and indulge in more than small talk over a few days – which is incredibly good and very encouraging for the fate of the human race I think.  It’s bliss to be busy in the company of ladies who understand the creative urge, plus you learn stuff too.

I’m usually more organised than this though – with plans made weeks in advance, some kind of baking ready to share, and plenty of projects cut out and ready to go.  I’ll be lucky this time if I remember to pack a change of clothes, and despite the existence (I am blessed) of an actual cupboard to store crafting supplies and stash in – I can’t quite get to any of it because it’s all still boxed, stacked and tucked away.

I hope I can find my pins….

And my list is very ambitious. A few denim skirts (my uniform of choice), A few dresses -because dresses have become where it’s at for me, some cushions for our new home (which have been in the planning for months and months without resolution), and hopefully some time with the knitting machine.  Also some alterations and a spot of browsing at the local bookshop.

My patterns are still untraced, and I’m not even sure where my travel bag is, but I’ll get there, and it’s great knowing that even if all I take is some knitting, it will be a change of scenery and a lot of fun in excellent company.

I can’t wait.


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