Matteo came home from school today with green hands and the most enormous grin.  They had made Oobleck, and he wanted to share the fun with us.

Ooobleck behaves freakily.   If you are gentle with it – it can be stirred, will drip and ooze.  If you are rough with it – punch it, stir it hard or try to knead it is becomes solid.  You can let some drip off your fingers and snap the drip off mid-flow.  We tossed some messy handfuls against the fence and watched it ping off.  Amazing!

The recipe is basically 1 cup of cornflour to 1/2 cup of water – and keep adding cornflour until the spoon won’t budge when you are stirring.  Add some food colouring when it is ready and enjoy watching the swirly patterns before it’s fully integrated.  We used red and blue for a visual feast.

And the best part – it all washes off when you’re done.

You know, this was such fun. I just wish we had some powerful speakers so we could have done this.  How rad is THAT!


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