My final swap fabric – triangles on 100% linen.  Printed with a couple of potatoes.  I probably should have included a photo of the potato – but I think you might know what they look like already.  Four fat quarters winging their way to their new homes.  Such fun, and such a great exercise – to tackle a new craft and explore the possibilities of it.

I have become obsessed with triangles. A few years ago there were circles everywhere – such a perfect, round shape – comforting, expansive, self-contained.  I’m not sure what that says about where we were as a crafting society, or if that’s just fashion, but you know – much as I love circles, they seem to be making way for pointy points .   I’m seeing them everywhere and they looks so fresh and fun.  Perhaps its a moving forward statement – perhaps it’s an 80’s thang.  Not sure – but they sing to me in the way mustard yellow was a while back.

Telly likes them too.

Awesome how thing come around and feel new again.  Baggy Pants here I come.


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