Waking up, going to sleep and indeed just stopping for a moment to wonder again at this view, is a daily pleasure.  I never would have thought a 2 story house could bring so much contentment to someone scared of heights.

Up here, it feels like time has stopped for a little bit.  The world seems slower and taking a moment to be still and admire green upon green and birds flitting is a precious sort of gift.

I’m not alone – we’ve all noticed the sense of calm here.  It’s like a little holiday and is definitely a respite from the rush in the streets not so far away.  We have found an oasis.

A gentle place to gather thoughts, be kind to one another and run around like mad things in the back yard with the hose and leap on the trampoline.

Print by Tsk Tsk on the back wall.  Love, love, love.

And an island within to gather, eat, chat, create and connect.  We decided an elevated table with stools would be a fun alternative to the standard table and chairs for mealtimes and it’s been a huge success.

It’s a creative space, a nurturing one and I have been painting – such a thrill and so badly needed.  Enjoying exploring the gentle abstraction of recognisable forms that I used to, and taking them a bit further.  This work is going to a show in Adelaide when it’s finished.

I’d almost forgotten how to have creative fun – it was such a chore to clear the space and clear up afterwards at our previous house that it was easier not to do it at all.  There is so much blossoming going on after the stagnation – a welcome relief really.

Sample printing for Leslie’s fabric swap.  Pears made from potatoes, printed on linen.  Not sure if this will be my final offering, but so much fun.

And after stagnation it always takes some time to get the mojo back.  To trust the link between heart and hands without letting the mind get in the way.  I think that’s the trickiest bit – trusting the flow and gently waiting for the muse to make her entrance.  The suspension can be delicious or twist like a knife.  I do think, after the longest time, I’m ready to breathe again.


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