I’ve been spending a bit too much time here on the floor in the family room, looking out the hall and looking up every so often to see this really beautiful spiral, and breathing deep, at how lucky we are to be here.

Home.  At last.

I’ve been spending time unpacking boxes.  Unwrapping and assembling furniture that won’t last forever but will do for a few good years (hopefully more than a few good years).

Squatting on the floor with Allen keys and screwdrivers and getting to know how to assemble a drawer in record time.  I’m getting good at that.

Stepping around much too much cardboard, and wondering how to get rid of it.  Last night I phoned our local council who assured me if it was left in a neat pile on the nature strip – they would indeed be glad to come and collect it for recycling.  HURRAH!!!!!

Arranging and re-arranging our one tidy corner, and flopping into the sofa when the kids are in bed – grateful for a cosy spot in front of a movie and a glass of wine.

And planning, with the lovely fellow, what next to tackle, how long it will take to be fully unpacked, and what life will be like when we are just us.  Not the racing around packing/ unpacking/house-finding/furniture finding us, but the staying still and having time to just be us, us.

And getting to know myself again – with a new haircut (the first I’ve had in years that makes me feel like a person – not someone with hair who had it cut).

The moving was such hard slog.  And stressful to the end.  Inspections while we were packing (what the hell!), trying to pack while stepping over boxes and the need to move boxes in and out of the house depending on the weather. Dealing with a hopelessly inadequate kitchen in progressive disarray, and  So. much. work. in getting the very old house to handover stage.  Followed by 3 days of driving carloads of belongings to the house because we couldn’t get fully organised before the (excellent) removalists did their thing.

I never want to do any of that again.

We were so tired – emotionally and physically.  Too much takeaway.  Too much ungrateful labour.  Too much wear and tear on cars, bodies and stamina left us wrecked and reeling. There were sprained ankles and concussions.  I have never had a move like it.

But now – we are unfurling.  Slowly clearing.  slowly healing.   Slowly making order.  Waking up in the treetops to birds and sunny mornings.  Watching the kids gleefully on the trampoline.  Feeling much more like ourselves.  Enjoying an oven that cooks quickly and well, and long baths.  Enjoying seeing the work of tradesmen (new lights, new doors, new bookcase – coming any day now), and planning for days with the calm knowledge that we have forever and if we want to paint the walls bright red nobody can stop us.

It’s bloody marvellous.


8 thoughts on “unfurling

  1. beautiful! loving your new ‘do. and that red top/dress you are wearing! and your house.

    good luck with the new. may it prove to be a really special time for you all. xx

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