So we are in full packing mode.
I am tired, achey and my fingers don’t seem to be working properly.  It’s not arthritis – just a very long session in the garden pulling up grass in the flower beds to leave the house as we found it.  I am, to be honest really, really disorganised and hoping for a miracle energy-wise to get us over the line and ready for the removalists at 7am this Saturday.  It’s hard – all of it, but I mustn’t complain really, because this should be the last move for a very, very long time, and that’s a fabulous thing.
We saw the house last night for our final inspection re settlement, and just can’t wait to get in there.
And, like anyone with a lot on their plate, I like to look forward,past the moving, unpacking and assembly of a bit too much Ikea furniture,  and signed up for this:
Organised by the lovely Leslie – and spurred on by Di’s involvement.  You should sign up too!  It’s going to be very, very fun, and getting swaps is always such a delicious experience – unexpected results and the opportunity to work laterally with what turns up.
My head is filled with ideas.  Go on.  do it!

2 thoughts on “Swap

  1. Ace! Glad you’re doing it too. Hope we get paired up!! Good luck with the packing and tidying and unpacking too. Exciting stuff, albeit exhausting.

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