A fist full of Danish

It started with a mutual love of wood. Agreements that wood is love, and swooning over grain, colour, texture and the pleasure under hands that beautifully handled and sensitively crafted wood gives.

Happy hands, happy eyes, happy heart for treasuring the item,  Happy heart for knowing you are not alone in this.

Gentle discussions about pieces in magazines, on ebay, in windows, and the very dangerous Great Dane ensued.

The purchase of a vintage Borge Mogenson sofa.

Ours is slightly less lovely than this – the cushions have been well loved and slide forward.  I suspect we will have to add some frighteningly firm foam tot eh undersides to provide some structure.  Oh but it’s handsome, and a very, very dark brown.

Our new enormous flip clock – that sadly doesn’t work.  but it will!

Explorations on rainy afternoons to what else was available, to learn just what is out there, where it is and how much it might cost.  I have to say there is a huge disparity in price which defies logic. But if you want it, and that’s what it costs, then that’s what it costs I suppose.

More frenzied looking.  Quick trips distintegrating into whole day epic adventures.

Trips to far flung places – and close ones – leading to a slowly growing collection of Danish furniture that feels alive and nourishing in the most unexpected way.

Our favourite places so far:

Grandfather’s Axe

Red Rider

Chapel St Bazaar

Smith St Bazaar

Three Quarters

The Cool Room

And of course good old ebay and Camberwell market where you are bound to find a treasure that someone doesn’t value – and who doesn’t love a bargain like that.

I’m itching to get out again….


3 thoughts on “A fist full of Danish

  1. Oh I am so with you on the Danish love! Regularly check out Grandfather’s Axe and drool over the stuff at Great Dane. All the “Danish” stuff I have accumulated over time is actually Australian though, just Danish looking. Very jealous of your sofa!

  2. me too. we moved into a 1965 architecturally designed house just recently, and it is full of blackbean timber, including a built in buffet cabinet. I’m in love with it all. Sadly Brisbane isn’t as spoilt for choice when it comes to furnishings. But sometimes I do find a good buy.

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