knitted together

Doesn’t look like much lying there, but you know – I think that’s how I prefer it.  It’s a beautiful garment.

Beautiful! And made in a day at a knitting machine workshop with 6 other ladies with machines and 1 awesome teacher who was as generous with her smiles and patience as she was with the design.

Not beautiful on me, but beautiful – with such subtle colour variations within the 4 strands of yarn used.  Such gorgeous baby-cabled decreases in the back seam, and a really lovely thoughtful design – made of two mirrored pieces that fold and fit together to enfold the body with lovely draping, softness and gentle warmth.

On me – it’s sort of sack-like.  The gentle draping clumping under the arms instead, which on my frame doesn’t do any favours, despite making it in a higher tension to make it smaller and less drapey.  But it feels good!  And I wore it to work this morning.  It may just be one of those things that makes you feel good because you like it and the pleasure lies in that.

Excuse the flash, but I need to show off that cabled decreasing.  Love.

The knitting machine journey has been a fascinating, frustrating and thrilling one.  Tiny steps leading to bigger ones.  Bigger ones leading to leaps and wild imaginings and I just can’t wait to move into the new house and have a corner to leave it fully assembled to return to every so often and make things for myself and others.

Other participants here, here, here, and here.


5 thoughts on “knitted together

  1. Looks gorgeous- Love those tiny little decreases too! It’s the little details that make it. And I know Oh So Well how lovely it is to be able to leave your craft equipment set up, ready for you to do a little work whenever you feel like it. So much to look forward to for you…

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