Gathering fresias from the garden.  Taking them all to enjoy in a simple milk bottle.  They smell heavenly and kept me company on the sofa yesterday afternoon while I knitted quietly and rested to shake this lurgy before it kicks in.

Slowly restoring a danish table and chairs.  The table edges were bowed out and have been glued and bound, the chairs have no seats but will soon!  The depth of this wood is so beautiful, the organic wide curve of the back and the proportions of the legs just make me happy to look at.  Artful and soulful.  Deep love.  Deep.


We actually watched this film a few months ago, but it still swims in front of my eyes constantly.  Such a beautifully made, fascinating story.  Such wonderful music. Selfish man, but I did like the results of his obsessions.

Gathering furniture that will fit our ideas for a home.  Mid-century armchairs in a magnificent blonde wood with luscious simple curves and no hard varnish.  This wood breathes and is soft under the palm.  The covers will be replaced with this:

An Echino linen fabric that is crunchy and hard-wearing.  Gorgeous how the 2 fabrics are negatives of each other but the leopards are the same.  I think they’ll be out there but stunning.  They will be combined with some linen that was purchased to make canvases – which I still intend to do, but it’s the most serious hard-wearing stuff and was taking up space in a corner, so – you know, all for the greater good.

Trying not to spend too much money before we get in, but finding it hard to resist the urge to cull and replace.  We have been living like squatters for the past 18 months, with a jumble of crockery, chairs and belongings that are not harmonious and reflect parts of our lives but not our life together.  We are culling things that we don’t love to have less to move, and exploring things we both like – that part has been going on for months with careful purchases here and there.  It would be great to move with a lot less and go from there.  There has been ebay selling.  There will be a garage sale to get rid of some furniture.  There will be a lot of bags going to charity (my favourite part).

There has been the biggest letting go of the keys to my old house and life.  Such a strange feeling handing them over and walking out the door for the last time with my children still inside.  There is a lot of trust involved when things change so much, and I’m grateful that we are on good speaking terms and able to be a solid partnership in caring for the children.  They have flourished through all of this – due in no small part to the additional father-figure in their life.  We are blessed.  So blessed to have him in our lives making us all smile, feel secure and know we are so thoroughly loved and that he appreciates that and is thriving himself.

Please excuse me, I have to go back and put some more things on Pinterest.  Have you been on there lately?  It’s dangerously addictive.  Must collate.


2 thoughts on “collating

  1. Hi Michele. The new pad looks gorgeous (I wish there was a BOLD function here as I would definitely employ it – a couple of extra exclamation points will have to do)!!!! The timber dining chairs are lovely too. Have fun.

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