24 ours

So anyway, we bought a house!

It’s number 24, and the 24 was kind of key because within 24 hours of seeing it and a total of no more than 15 minutes actually inside it we had made an offer, were sitting around a table negotiating a price, had signed documents and cheques and were waiting anxiously to see if it would be accepted.

The next 5 hours saw us waiting, biting fingernails, waiting for phone calls, and greeting the agent in our pyjamas to sign an amended contract that would seal the deal.  Lordy!  So much adrenalin.

Not much sleep – mostly through excitement, and having a busy head.  I am informed by the expert on me that am a complete nutjob and must turn the head off.  It is true.  But it’s also hard not to picture how life will change in a new space, with more options and a lifetime ahead to enjoy every step of it.  Besides, he didn’t sleep much either.  We are all very excited.

It’s not what we had in our heads when we were looking for a house.  It’s not where we thought we would be and it’s not a pretty period detailed house.  But after a while of exploring options, and disappointments we branched out further locally and stumbled upon something that is remarkably similar to what we would probably have designed for ourselves anyway one day – but already solidly built and with enough left to do that we will be able to put our stamp on it and make it feel like we’re pretty damn clever.  It was originally a 50’s house, probably extended to a second level in the 80’s and recently renovated again to open it up and bring the outside in.  It has beautiful decks and balconies, open spaces and a crazy 50’s open fireplace that we love.

Love.  It’s such a beautiful house!

It’s calling out for some new light fittings, some big and beautiful art on the walls, and an update for the kitchen and bathroom, but none of that needs to happen in any hurry – it’s perfectly fine to move into now and luxuriate in the space and quiet.

And we love modernism.

Last night I drove the kids out for a squizz (they haven’t seen inside yet), and we wound down the windows to listen to NOTHING.  NO cars rushing by (it’s a quiet little street well off the main road), no trams, no trains in the distance.  We heard birds.  Bliss.  And for the first time in my adult life I’ll be living somewhere quiet. That is very exciting and an absolute reward for the extra 10 mins in the car (see – it’s not so much further out – I am, clearly, a nutjob).

And, there is a large brick garage that will be converted into a studio for 2 artists to play in, leave wet works to dry and prepare for exhibitions to come.  I’ve spoken to the gallery that was going to host a show at the end of this year, and moved the date to next year.  I feel so relieved about that and am looking forward to making new works in a new space and seeing where that takes me creatively.

We think it’s perfect and just can’t wait for October so we can move in and enjoy it.  I hope the current owners find somewhere wonderful to be quickly and easily.  They have spent a lifetime in this house, have done a lovely job in renewing it and deserve a new start themselves.  I hope their plans are spectacular because we are so grateful to be continuing our journey at no. 24.

Bring it on!


8 thoughts on “24 ours

  1. Michelle! I cannot tell you how excited I am for you… probably because one day I hope to be able to be telling a similar story {oh to have a house to call my own!}… when the time is right, I’m your lady when it comes to lights {or at least I’m married to the right bloke}, give me a call and I’ll set you up 🙂

  2. that is good news Michelle. so exciting. when do you settle? i am so still loving our new house. Our bedroom is crazy big enough to divide into two separate spaces. So soon I hope I will have a real studio.
    new places are exciting.

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