paper trails and rips

Meet you by the water tank. 55cm x 40cm

The wind blew and my heart soared 97mm x 117mm

Art Piece Gallery is located in Mullumbimby – near Byron Bay.  I have 2 works in their show Paper trails which opens tomorrow (August 5th).  Wish I could be there.  The gallery looks stunning and I’m really thrilled to have works going into their ‘Paper Trails’ show.

I will be, however, at the Ripponlea Primary’s ‘Ripper Art’ auction, with a few pieces up for grabs, a glass in hand, and a firm hand on my shoulder to stop me bidding – which would be silly, as we don’t have anywhere to put anything new.  Then again, there’s always room for art isn’t there….. and I do think that if a sale is made, it’s good kharma to pass the joy on.  🙂


2 thoughts on “paper trails and rips

  1. those works are stunning! love the textured layered effect of the paper surfaces. congratulations on the exhibition, and i hope you get frenzied bidding on your works at the auction too.

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