So we didn’t get the house.


I can’t actually begin to describe what a bitter disappointment it was because it was just. so. perfect.  and all the usual things go round ones head in the aftermath of how it may not ever have been achievable in the first place, of how the agents knew it was beyond our reach and lead us on anyway.  broken heart, adrenalin overload, blah, blah blah.

But we bounce back don’t we.

Winter is never really a great to time to buy a house.  There is that mind-set that Spring is the best time to present a house in full bloom with gentle breezes wafting through and the optimistic vision of a summer spent on one’s potential new verandah.  Winter presents a house with a damp towel smell, darkish rooms and a kitchen that looks like it could do with a good hose down.  And what’s on offer seems expensive and the only option in a fairly bare market, which is – you know – depressing for financial and emotional reasons.  But I digress….

When I first thought of moving to Melbourne as a young adult, I was sure I wanted to live in St. Kilda.  It was fascinating, risky and close to the beach – which for someone who grew up in Hobart is something that is deep in the soul. Seeing the water makes my whole soul smile.  So even though I don’t see the water very often, being near the water makes me happy (silly hey).  Moving there was scary and exhilarating and sometimes not safe but I loved all that then.

I have with minor blips in the life story, lived bayside for an embarrassingly long time.  And because we. moved. So. Much. growing up, I wanted my kids to live there too and spend their schooling with friends they had known for ever.  I think that consistency may be my own hang up.  Plenty of people move schools and survive the experience – thrive and grow from it in fact.  Maybe they don’t need my hang ups about consistency, and the fear they have of not seeing their friends regularly will ease off in a new environment. Perhaps.

It has occurred to us that perhaps we are being a bit narrow in our choice of location, and that perhaps, the other side of town might be a bit of an adventure.  Being drawn there more frequently anyway, it might be a natural and excellent thing.  We might be closer to the city.  And you know what.  It might be cheaper! Lordy!

Head spinning and being very open, we are starting the search again, but I hope it doesn’t take too long because, I really need to paint in the biggest way – I miss getting my hands dirty and pushing pigment around.  The lack of studio is doing my head in and as much as I like adventure, I really, really would like a home and to know it is home.



7 thoughts on “location

  1. COME! We here in the cheap (er) side of town would welcome you with open arms! And great food! And community!! COME!

    We’ve dragged out kids as far afield as Thailand and Queensland for 6 mth stints and I think they are happier and richer for the experience.

  2. Ahh, bad luck… But spring is just around the corner and that house is waiting for you! And so is A1 bakery, should you choose to embrace the north ; )


  3. I’m so sorry you missed your dream house Michelle…..
    I know what you mean about seeing the water making your soul smile

    My two children were born in the inner west of Sydney, we moved to a new, wiz bang house on the ocean about 120km south when they were infants…… growing up having the sea for a backyard was a dream, the kids went to a school where they stopped class to watch the whales go by…
    11 years later when they were nearing high school we moved back to Sydney to broaden their palette (so to speak), a change from beach culture, better schools and the diversity that city life offers…
    Within weeks they had settled in, fortunately making some friends at their new schools, taking advantage of their new environment, enjoying the opportunities presented… and it is still true of them today….. rarely a second thought directed to the past…..

    Sigh, maybe it’s nostalgia for my 40’s… but for me I still yearn for the coastal life nearly every day and the house on the cliff edge, but I see it as a gift I gave to my children….. strangely enough though, now I think about it, I don’t think I could ever move back, I love my city life way too much now

    I hope you find that house soon, you can call home,
    Keeping you all in my thoughts, D x

  4. The school thing can be hard but sometimes I think we worry more than the children.

    There are some lovely pockets all side of the city.
    Goodluck with your search I know how heartbreaking and difficult it can be.

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