wending, winding, weilding and wanting

Wending our way to the Hidden Faces of the Archibald exhibition, where Daniel’s painting of Wil Anderson hangs proudly.  On until 1st September – go see!  Bloody good painting that is and in excellent company.

Winding yarn around sticks to make ‘gods eyes’, and imagining them hanging in the trees of the house we want so badly.  Such a home, such a space, so much work needed, and so badly wanted.

Weilding the sharpest little knife and cutting, and cutting, and cutting.  Preparing works for a few show coming up.  Excited to be sending some here!

Wanting this to be off the needles – while the weather is so cold. A scarf in Zarina for the lovely man.

We are all – despite the seemingly endless rounds of colds, flus and niggles and consequent lethargy, happy as larks.  Muddling along in a rental house that is too small but holding us together and keeping us sheltered and counting down the days until an auction that is going to leave us elated or otherwise. I can’t even bear to think about that….

The whole house hunting thing is more than a tiny bit cruel, you wouldn’t be wanting to make such a big investment if your heart wasn’t singing loudly ‘this is the one’ – and it all comes down to money – which can cripple and leave you flailing if you do something silly.  And I could see in the eyes of the woman who shot me the longest ‘my house’ death-stare at the latest inspection that we are not alone.  It is icky – all of it.

My needs are not big, but not small either.  We want room to grow – we are visual people and want it to be pleasing to the eye.  We would like some privacy and a tree to hang a swing from, and – and this is perhaps the killer, we NEED a studio.  That dull ache has grown to a gnawing dull roar that needs to be fed and is driving us both slightly batty. And the girl is grieving for the house she was born in which will soon be passed on to another family to be filled with their dreams.  I so want her to know that we are going to something better and for her to know what that is.

And in the meantime, we are gaily distracted by life and Pinterest,  and enjoying the rain when it comes.  Hope all is well with you.


4 thoughts on “wending, winding, weilding and wanting

  1. You write so beautifully Michelle!

    Loving your paper cutout, should be a great show.

    I’m in Melbourne next week, I’ll be sure to see The Hidden Faces exhibition, it looks fascinating. Good luck with the house auction, hopefully it is meant to be.

  2. oh the house hunting thing is awful, so much emotion tied up with bricks and mortar (or weatherboard). hope your search is as pain free as possible.

    and hooray for all the art-making!

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