It’s a bit too big – and I’m not sure I got the tension mix right, but gosh I’m proud of myself.

This is the first actual garment I’ve made on my new machine.  A V-Neck jumper from one of the Singer Classic books that is more like a road map than a pattern.  The kind of magic that follows after laborious origami – or following seemingly nonsensical GPS directions and gets you where you wanted to go after all.  Made at Craft Camp and tried on by everyone (I think).  It miraculously seemed to suit everyone as well – and when I tried it on the man at home it was not a bad fit on him either.  This pattern is meant to fit a really wide range of sizes (directions from children to men included)

Cast on XXXX stiches.  Set row counter to 0, knit xxxx rows.  blah blah.  Cross fingers and hope that all pieces will fit together and that no mistakes in counting were made.

Hold oneself kind of close to resulting fabric still on machine being careful not to get caught on the deadly hooks – is that long enough?  Too long?

This is a fantastic pattern, and will be done again.  Beautiful yarn has been ordered for my second go.  And I have plans to make one for the man (with folded hem and cuffs), and the girl child too.  The boy may even score as well if I get very confident – though I know his taste runs north of classic.

And while initially intended as a V-neck with a rolled neckline to match rolled cuffs and hems it was a little too gapey – so a scarf was sewn in, which is my favourite detail. Serendipity I love you.

Sooz made one too!


6 thoughts on “machined

  1. that’s gorgeous! you’re right, the scarf detail is a great feature! how exciting, the sky’s the limit now…. i was thinking a cardigan with attached scarf edges would be nice …

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