There should be photos of clothing made, conversations being had, meals (fabulous meals) being consumed, knitting machines whirring, photographers at work.  Inspiration abounding.

There should be a way of capturing how special it is to immerse oneself in the gentle company of women you know (and hardly know or have never met), who are open to skill-sharing, tool sharing and time sharing in a calm sense of community.

There should be some way to thank life for making that possible, and family, for releasing one (just for a little bit) from the bind that is a distration from life itself sometimes.  Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE my family, but sometimes the constant buzz of need/fulfilling needs makes for a busy head and no time to quietly experiment.  I do need to quietly experiment.

These scraps are the sweepings after a busy weekend spent at Sewjourn with some wholly amazing and very inspiring company.  I love how what is left shows who was there and a hint at what they took away.  Thank you ladies for a wonderful weekend.  It was bliss. 🙂


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