oh brother

Did I tell you I bought a knitting machine?

A Brother KH840.  I love her.

She came with extras:  A Knitleader, The ability to do lace. Colour changers, a rib carriage – so much more that I have no idea what to do with.  I believe I have the tools to start up my own factory of sorts – which is quite inspiring, and I have visions of a small etsy shop with a range of scarfy things.  But then I’ve always been a dreamer…

Also a crazy amount of punch cards to do all sorts of Fairisle – not sure if I’ll truly ever go there, but I was enjoying experimenting with a variety of 1 ply cotton yarns and seeing how the colour pooling changed depending on how they twist.  That is deeply fascinating to me and I’ve been enjoying mixing odd colour combinations to see what comes up.  I think that’s my thing  Painting with yarn.   Perhaps the more abstracted fairisle will be interesting.

I dream of making a garment.  Perhaps soon.  There have been experiments with shaping though I truly don’t know what I’m doing yet and it’s more hit and miss than anything else.

My wants are small really, and the learning, experiments and invention are part of the joy of a crafted item.  I would like, to be able to make a perfect cardigan in an afternoon.  That, would be bliss and possible worth all the swearing, though I don’t know if seeing me in it would bring my family as much joy as it would me, but at least the growling on  Saturday afternoon would stop. 🙂


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