There was a Moomin book at the Hobart library when I was a kid.  I remember just sucking it in, though the details escape me.  So when we stumbled over a host of Moomin books at a beautiful bookstore, the avalanche started.

She must have one.  No, all of them.  “Just one for starters don’t you think?” my excellent companion advised.

Clever fellow.

A paperback collection of stories was purchased.  Just one book, though I knew more would be needed.

LOOK!  I waved it around – we bought you something FABULOUS!!!!


2 stories have been read with wild abandon by the adults.  The kid is happy to listen but not really curious.

Perhaps it’s the total immersion in unknown creatures.  It’s assumed, that by now one knows all about Fillyjonks and Hemulens and none of that is explained.  Snufkin is appreciated.  What a relief.

There is such a gentleness and strangeness about these stories that is so timeless, though the language – depending on the translation probably can be difficult for a little one to engage with.

Another was purchased – translated by Sophie Hannah, who has a delicate and musical touch and I was sure that this one – in full colour hardback and beautifully illustrated would be the hook.


I’m not giving up and have ordered another.  if only for myself.

And have noticed along the way that there are comic strip collections too, though I wonder if they have the same life lessons included.

We are really fond of books with philosophy and beautiful illustrations.  She will PORE over books by this fellow. so I know it’s just a matter of time, if I can be a little patient myself….

For now – this is a hit. Read cover to cover by miss 6 several times with no adult help and apparently GOLD.

I live in hope…..


2 thoughts on “Moomin

  1. so disappointing when kids don’t immediately love the books you did. having kids is a great excuse to buy and re-read the books you loved – i’m hoping orlando the marmalade cat will gain more fans in my house too! moomins look wonderful!

  2. Hmm I wonder what C would make of Moomin… I didn’t grow up with it but like the sound of it. At the moment he’s in love with anything including mythical creatures so there is a possibility? He’s also loving us reading Asterix to him- these I DID grow up on, though I’m sure my parents weren’t reading them to me when I was three and a half…

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