Fabric printed on fabric.  Which I find hilarious, and beautiful.

A dress, which looks like ‘the one’.  Know what I mean?  One of those patterns that can have endless variations on a similar theme and suit your shape too.  I’m imagining it in full retro splendidness as well as more subtle winter layering variations – in the above fabric with a deeper neckline and shorter skirt to be layered with jersey and boots.  And maybe even petticoats.  I’ve never bought a Colette pattern before and it was a joy to open – there is a book – with instructions and tips, and the pattern is at the back tucked into its own little gusset.  Heaven just to own really.

I may even make a muslin (which I have never, ever done) – I’m finding Gertie thoroughly inspirational.

Massaman curry.  No picture – far too greedy for that – just trust me it was completely and moreishly delicious and you can make it too.  I’m having the rest for lunch today.

And lessons.  Proper lessons, on a knitting machine. It’s not my machine, which is languishing under a cover and has narrowly escaped a selling off.  The lessons, organised by Sooz, have been the largest blessing (at the worst time), and have swung wildly from actual tears to elation at the production of some fairly daggy stuff.  But it’s all lessons, and a great reminder that anything complicated is achieved one. small. step. at. a. time.  And that I have the right to my own time too.

I have dreams of creating machine knitted garments of a subractionist nature.  At the very least a shaped cardigan or scarves and wraps with beautiful detail to pass on as gifts, but you know I made a beanie, and even though it’s not the prettiest thing, I realised – this thing could be practical and actually a very helpful go-to.  I am on the hunt for a knitting machine of my very own.  It is elusive.  I would like a Singer that can do lace and has a ribber, which would make it a model 360 or later (I think) – Ok universe, I’m standing by.

I still need to paint – it’s driving me up the wall.


2 thoughts on “distractions

  1. Love the fabric, and the pattern sounds lovely. I hope that you find the *perfect* knitting machine and that time- for yourself and for painting- becomes an easier thing to get hold of…

  2. yes, I love the fabric too. It reminds me very much of Summersville’s (etsy). Can I ask where you got this from. I’d love this for my son’s room.

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