form and reform

We are all works in progress.  Living on air, on smiles, on the momentum of life.

Isn’t that plant just beautiful!  It’s one of many admired on our recent trip to Tasmania – it lives on trees – taking its nourishment from the air and water around it, growing in delicate lace-like lightness in complex and intricate beauty that is at once strong and painfully fragile.  Just like us.

Reworking, reliving, reinventing ourselves on a daily basis.

Learning to be.  To accept.  To love.

We all need protection, support and a safe base to thrive.  We all need to be seen for who we are and accepted for ourselves without question.  We need to offer that to others.

We all need love.

And I have found it in the purest form possible.  In the arms of a friend who has seen me at my worst and best, who I admire greatly for the magnificent being that he is, and who I know will appreciate me in all my peculiarities as I will him.  Such a gift!

The future looks rosy indeed, and I can see as I look back that there are patterns in all things and that all things make us who we were, will be and are.

This photo is the tesselated pavement on the Tasman peninsula.  So linear and ordered, and completely natural.  And one can’t help but think – that if nature can make sense of all of that randomness, then perhaps the randomness makes sense in itself.  Or perhaps it’s just the way we are able to make sense of it ourselves.

I am looking forward.  To constant change.  To making sense of the world.  To watching the form and reformation of the everyday and appreciating the evolution.

To life.


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